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Barcelona - SME Social responsibility impact, analysis and metrics

OuiShare, together with B-Corp, Economia del Bé Comú and Xarxa d’Economia Social, is hosting a workshop designed for SMEs currently working (or planning to) on effective corporate social responsibility practices.  During this session we will learn how to integrate an evaluation model into business management systems.

The objective of the workshop is to identify and analyse the economic, social and environmental impact of the business activity. We will take a closer look at analytical tools to assess the different impacts of each of the participating organisations.

1. Welcome and presentation of the workshop
2. Data of measurement of social and ecological impact and analysis
3. Indicators to apply to our business model
4. Establish improvement commitments
5. Share learning

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to Nov 14

Barcelona - Platform Design Event [2 days]

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The Platform Design Masterclass is a moment of training and strategic thinking at the same time: two days in which you will learn - either independently or as a team - to use the Platform Design Toolkit, the most comprehensive set of tools for the design and prototyping platform strategies, used by thousands of practitioners around the world.

You’ll be able to apply it directly to your product, a process or whole organization, a new service, a startup idea or to explore a market that you care about.

After building your strategic vision, you will prepare an implementation plan to validate your idea of platform and test it through a lean prototyping approach that will avoid mistakes and waste of energy and money.

These two days will:

  • save you from bad investments and wasted expenses

  • take you from zero to a clear execution plan for the coming months.

This workshop is designed for:

  • Managers who deal daily with innovation in companies large and small, who need to create new products and have to deal with restricted investment capacity;
  • Startuppers who, individually or in teams, want to work to create their hypothesis of product and market and then quickly begin validation;
  • Designer and Consultants who want to learn how to master a set of design tools that are simple to apply, to design effective strategies that are in line with the times;
  • Community managers from digital platforms or even collaborative spaces such as incubators, makerspaces, coworkings;
  • Public officials and social entrepreneurs who want to understand how to increase the social impact of collaborative services with less investment.

The masterclass participants will: 

  • Learn how to use the entire Platform Design Toolkit 
  • Produce a clear and shareable strategy for their own project idea, based on the full set of Platform Design Toolkit canvases. 
  •  Prepare the execution of a validation and prototyping phase to create the platform strategy MVP

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Delivered by Simone Cicero, founder of the Platform Design Toolkit

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to Nov 17

Business Transformation workshops at OuiShare Fest Barcelona

Rethink & Remix track at the OuiShare Fest Barcelona 2017

During the upcoming OuiShare Fest in Barcelona in November we will be hosting a number of workshops on Business Transformation topics, such as distributed leadership, networked organisations and collective finance. These workshops will be open to all particpants. In order to make the workshops meaningful, we'll have to limit the number of attendees, on a first-come first-serve basis.

OuiShare Fest Barcelona

The claim for this year's edition is 'Beta Society', where we will discuss the challenges that today's citizens are facing and how technological empowerment is changing consumption, behaviour and dynamics. 

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Munich - Communications in Emergent Organisations

What is it about?

In this event, Sarah Eisenmann will deliver an open masterclass showing how communication is a critical ingredient for building an organisational culture of agility, agency and distributed problem-solving. We will show you concrete communication practices and processes that have a high impact on organisational culture to enable emergence.

Why it matters

Organisations today have to navigate in highly complex as well as rapidly changing environments. Designing the communication flow is key to become more agile and adaptive.


  • New forms of collective decision making & strategy
  • Agile work practices
  • The power of syncing your offline and online communication
  • Stigmergy: the importance of documentation and smart prioritisation
  • How to design learning and feedback loops

For whom?

Any public or private organisation looking to elevate their organisational culture.

How it works?

This Masterclass is designed in learning loops. You will gain valuable theoretical insights but also experience simulations and exercises. We will build a proper foundation to digest, reflect and adapt learnings to your context.

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