Experience how collaboration impacts the bottom line of your business and the happiness of teams

We live in very unpredictable and fast world where being in control is only an illusion. Companies working in silos and spending long time making plans are taking the risk of being left behind. Business productivity, creativity and innovation are increasingly associated with network workflows and collaborative management. Rethink & Remix accompanies organizations that want to implement the new culture of collaboration in their structures and put the collective intelligence of the entire company to work. The power of organizations lies in their ability to engage in collective action.

New ways of working that inspire us:


We work with our clients in empowerment of talent, purpose, fullness, alignment, autonomy, self management, leadership to service, decision making, positive communication, conflict resolution, feedback, continuous learning, opensource, ecosystem thinking and knowledge sharing.

We work the emergence


We design and facilitate organizational models to be more connected to their ecosystem, making organizations more efficient and innovative, growing from the collaboration and wholeness of their people. Our consultancy designed according to the needs of the organizations we accompany. We work the emergence of these liquid times and we do not apply preconceived transformation methods.  


Deluz & Co -
Teal organization

Ouishare and Deluz & Co, a Spanish group of sustainable restaurants, are working together in their transformation, and we do so from a shared space of wholeness and purpose, building on collaboration, co-creation and the combination of the collective intelligence of both organisations.


3DReid - Innovation


Greenpeace - Co-budgeting & Selfmanagement

We co-design with our clients


We help teams face any challenge autonomously, efectively and through innovation, by training them in collaborative skills and tools.

Spaces to empowerment of talent
We design spaces that are emotionally safe to let participation, motivation and commitment prosper. These are spaces for connection and collaboration so that people can shine and the organization can reach their better version and performance.

Self-managed teams
We design models and work processes so that teams can be interdependent, creative and agile. These teams are better suited to find the answers to their complex and ever-changing environments.

Continuous learning
We design spaces for continuous learning. We foster the sharing of data, information and expertise so that a culture of collaboration can prosper and equip the organization of valuable knowledge.


boost collaboration and motivate innovation


Our masterclasses cover key aspects on business transformation and methodologies to boost collaboration and to motivate innovation. Each masterclass covers one specific topic or methodology and can be delivered on its own, without any prior knowledge. They typically last four hours and are conducted with groups no larger than twenty people. The masterclasses contain concepts & theory, case studies, exercises and methodologies to implement at your organization.

Community Building. How to start and nurture a healthy network.
Platform Design. Design your business for exponential growth.
Knowledge Sharing. Take collaboration to whole new level by tapping into your collective intelligence.
Distributed Leadership. Build the conditions in which leaders emerge.
Permanent Beta. Be agile and stimulate experimentation.
Collaborative Decision Making. Empower your team and boost collaboration.
Collaborative Finance. Allocate resources transparently and collaboratively.
Comms in emergent organization. The communication flow is key to become more agile and adaptive.


We connect transformation with technology


We connect the transformation of your organization with the most advanced technological tools to encourage teamwork, distributed work and collaboration between the different departments of your organization.

We work with:

Slack. To improve the communication of the company.
Loomio. To make collaborative decisions.
Trello. To manage projects with Agile methodology.
Mindmeister. To improve the knowledge management of the organization.
Co-budget. To manage budgets collaboratively.
Value Accounting. To measure the value that each member contributes to the organization.


Learning by doing


We help you design new organizational models because we practice them at Ouishare, an open network where we explore the edges of innovation, share and future of work.  

Ouishare connects people and accelerates projects for systemic change. We question and experiment with social models based on collaboration, openness, and fairness.

We proudly have 80+ Connectors in 20 cities, organized + 300 events including 10 international conferences and published 9 research studies since 2012.