rethink & remix

OuiShare created the Rethink & Remix format to connect with companies and corporations who want to explore the future of organisations. We are a networked and emergent organisation and we experiment with social models based on collaboration, openness, and fairness. Rethink & Remix is a learning journey on how to transform your business to be more collaborative and innovative. We organise events and we deliver in-house masterclasses.


Alicia Trepat

I’m passionate about experimenting with spaces that enable personal empowerment such as self-organised teams and communities. I study and explore the future of work, decentralised organisations and shared-governance

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Esra Tat

I contribute and support organisations to transition to open governance and make the most of the collective intelligence with their teams and partners. I investigate community building and distributed organisational models in networked organisations with a specific expertise in the art of facilitation and the future of membership.

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Manel Heredero

I believe in the power of innovative and agile organisations empowering their teams to create value and have a positive impact. I am fascinated by networked organisations, distributed leadership and innovative governance models. My focus is on collective intelligence and strategic learning.

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Eva Miguélez

Collaboration, distributed leadership, network systems and organizations. I am exploring collaboration and leadership of autonomous and self-managed teams since joining Ouishare in 2016, after working for more than 15 years in main Spanish media.

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Ana Manzanedo

II lead the Governance and Community development of the Ouishare Spanish community from where I have experimented with self-organisation dynamics, stigmergy and do-ocracy principles. My main focus lies on how technology-engabled collaborative governance models.

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Martin Werlen

I help companies in their organisational transformation, creating communities and exploring new collaborative practices. I believe in innovative organisations that give their employees the autonomy and entrepreneurial freedom to have more impact

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David Weingartner

I am an innovation catalyst and collaboration strategist. I supports teams and organisations to increase their resilience through applying collaborative, distributed and agile principles in governance, communication and a more human focus.

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Luis Tamayo

I am currently enjoying in helping teams to reach their maximum development in networked, agile, sustainable and collaborative organisations. I also help to activate the purpose in organisations and engage stakeholders. One of my key insights is the importance of developing social skills and managing emotions, so that these models can thrive.

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Taoufik Vallipuram

I develop relationships with NGOs, governments, startups and corporates, to foster systemic change towards a collaborative society. I co-founded Le Lab, a think tank working with different actors of the city (public and private) in their innovative initiatives.

Miriam Moreno
Change management