Organisational Transformation by Design

Innovation and organisational design are both part of the same transformation journey, and every step counts. 

Companies are transforming into more agile and adaptive organizations whose members share a purpose and are driven by values. In these organizations people enjoy high levels of autonomy and are effective at expressing their creativity and potential. This new type of organization is a living organism that is well integrated in its ecosystem and can evolve with it. It provides value and it does well.Frederic Laloux calls these new companies teal-evolutionary , Dave Gray calls them connected companies and Niels Pflaeging would say that they have a strong value-creation power structure

How I got myself into a network organisation

This article provides a personal account of the experience of discovering and approaching a community. "Actions arise from a vast network of talented individuals. No one asks for permission. There is no chain of command. There is not a centralised decision making process (or worse, a centralised decision maker). It all happens by proposing and seducing, if the idea has value it will gather traction and it will become a project.

Designing Positive Platforms


In classical organizations, business-owners and entrepreneurs carry the risk. However,
in the gig economy, contributors carry part of that risk by assuming a degree of liability for the services they offer through the platform, but they are seldom given the right to make decisions about the platform. To tackle this issue, a positive platform should offer its contributors the authority to make decisions about their working conditions and the right to organize themselves collectively.

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Research by Ana Manzanedo and Alicia Trepat on behalf of the Institute for the Future

Cut the bullshit: organizations with no hierarchy don’t exist


I often wonder whether I am reading correctly: Organizations with no hierarchy at all, with real live people in them? I feel like there has been a misunderstanding here. I might be wrong, but from my 5 year experience of being a member of the distributed organization OuiShare, my conclusion is: there is no such thing.

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Francesca Pick, March 2016