collaborative decision making

In this masterclass we will look into innovative governance models that empower teams and employees by transfering decision-making power. We will analyse relevant case studies and we will look into the different tools available.

An organisation’s governance determines the structure and processes of decision-making: who can participate, what roles they play, how they interact, as well as how to facilitate connection, coordination and collaboration. Innovative governance models include a wider range of stakeholders in the decision-making,


This Masterclass is designed in learning loops. You will gain valuable theoretical insights but also experience simulations and exercises. We will build a proper foundation to digest, reflect and adapt learnings to your context.

  • The dimensions of governance and the power structures
  • Mechanisms to increase participation in the decision-making
  • Agility in the decision-making: how to keep being agile in spite of scale?
  • Tools and methodologies
  • Successful case studies
  • How to get started in your organisation