In most organisations, the leadership defines a vision, establishes a strategy and ensures teams and individuals are aligned. Organisations using collective finance then empower the entire organisation to innovate, propose and allocate resources to accomplish that strategy.

Collaborative finance takes the innovation and engagement efforts in your organisation to the next level. Including your employees in resource allocation boosts their engagement, gives them more ownership over their work and is a cornerstone of becoming a more agile and adaptive organisation.

  • Catalyse collaborative behaviour
  • Provide autonomy while ensuring alignment
  • Empower their employees by including them in decision-making
  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Foster a culture of entrepreneurship, openness and transparency

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Duration: 4 hours
Maximum group size: 20 people


This Masterclass gives an introduction to collective finance and how it can be applied to your organisation. That includes:

  • Case studies and use cases of collaborative and transparent financial practices
  • An overview of pain points and opportunities that collective finance can address
  • Assess how collective finance can help your organisation and how to get started
  • Experiencing collective finance in action with the tool Cobudget