Communities are groups that come together around a shared purpose or interest and have strong relationships among each other. They are key in shaping our identities, which is why communities can achieve such powerful things when they are aligned. Gathering and nurturing a community is a systemic way to increase your impact.

Learn how to start and nurture a community. We will discuss the different types of communities and networks, governance models and the important role of communications, and how communities are relevant to your business.

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Duration: 4 hours
Maximum group size: 20 people


Our Masterclasses are designed in learning loops. You will gain valuable theoretical insights but also experience simulations and exercises. We will build a proper foundation to digest, reflect and adapt learnings to your context.

  • Stages of community building
  • Case studies, success factors and pitfalls
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • On and offline tools
  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Resources
  • Contribution & Retribution
  • Platforms as network orchestrators