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Zagreb - Organisational Transformation by Design

Companies are transforming into more agile and adaptive organisations whose members share a purpose and are driven by values. In these organisations people enjoy high levels of autonomy and are effective at expressing their creativity and potential. This new type of organisation is a living organism that is well integrated in its ecosystem and can evolve with it. It provides value and it does well. Entrepreneurial productivity, creativity and innovation are increasingly associated to network workflows and collaborative management.


During this three-hour session we will present and discuss the following concepts:

  • The drivers for change
  • The power structures in every organisation
  • What are networked organisations?
  • Networks, communities and platforms
  • Designing a transformation journey


The event will be highly participatory. We will facilitate the session with exercises to elaborate on the concepts and to look at the case studies in detail. The groups will have the chance to contrast the learnings of the session with their business specificities.



Manel Heredero
OuiShare Connector, London

I believe in the power of innovative organisations empowering their teams to create value and have a positive impact. I am fascinated by networked organisations, distributed leadership and innovative governance models. My focus is on collective intelligence and strategic learning. Organisations I work with are interested in increasing the levels of internal and external collaboration, in breaking down the silos, in making the most of their collective intelligence and in unlocking the potential of their teams.

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