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Tallinn - Get work done with freelancers

What is a freelance network?

A freelance network is a decentralized group of highly-skilled independent workers who could be accessed on-demand. To work effectively with a pool of external experts, companies need to design an ideal architecture and the right tools to govern their freelance network. As a result, companies will become more agile with a renewed value proposition for both their freelancers and customers.


Why it matters

The continued rise of independent work is driving companies, large and small, to rethink the way how they staff their projects and flexibilise their workforce. The biggest opportunity for companies is to leverage their own freelance networks as a source of innovation, tap on unique talent to complement in-house skills, capture new markets and introduce new services with variable costs.


What you will learn

This Masterclass will equip you with knowledge and tools to build, scale and nurture your own freelance network:

  • Design a platform matching external labour supply and demand
  • Different revenue models to monetize transactions
  • Growth hacks techniques and freelancers hiring tips
  • Operate a Freelance Management System (FSM) software
  • Case studies, key success metrics, legal hurdles and pitfalls
  • A roadmap to validate your freelance network ideas

For whom?

For companies, HR and community managers, service designers and founders who:

  • Are interested to enter the collaborative economy and decentralise their workforce
  • Want to increase labour productivity, flexibility and engagement of their workforce
  • Want to get more work done by reducing costs and time but not compromising quality
  • Want to learn how to master a set of tools to design and govern a digital platform focussed on services

How it works

Duration: 5 hours (20% briefing, 50% exercise, 30% reflection)
Maximum group size: 20 people + 2 trainers. 1:1 coaching sessions after the masterclass



Marco Torregrossa
I'm CEO at Euro Freelancers, a curated marketplace for consulting and legal services on-demand in areas related to EU policy and EU funding.


Albert Cañigueral
I am an entrepreneur working to foster the adoption of the collaborative economy that is poised to change society in the next decades with deep socio-economic innovations.