With this masterclass you will learn new techniques to collaborate and increase the connectivity and productivity of your organisation. You will learn what knowledge is and how teams can capture and share their collective expertise. With this methodology you will be able to tap into your collective intelligence, to accelerate the learning curve of new members, to become more efficient, agile and adaptable, and to stimulate creativity and innovation.

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Duration: 4 hours
Maximum group size: 20 people


Our Masterclasses are designed in learning loops. You will gain valuable theoretical insights but also experience simulations and exercises. We will build a proper foundation to digest, reflect and adapt learnings to your context. We will present and discuss a series of key concepts on how to identify, capture and share key knowledge. There will be a number of participatory exercises to apply those concepts to real-life challenges.

  • The power of connectivity and collaboration
  • Difference between information and knowledge
  • Stigmergy, knowledge and knowledge management
  • How to navigate your collective knowledge