Learn the basics of Platform Design Thinking and know how to use the canvases of the Platform Design Toolkit. Attendees will understand how to map innovative ecosystems, identify key players and their context, explore the potential transactions to be enabled through proper channels. Attendees will also explore how to design services that support users in generating more value, accumulate more reputation and improve skills

This masterclass is designed and developed by the Platform Design Toolkit and is delivered by Simone Cicero, founder of the PDT and OuiShare Connector.

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Duration: 8 or 16 hours
Maximum group size: 35 people


The course will cover the topics of digital transformation and how this has changed the expectations of modern users: digital platforms will be studied and reported as solutions to conquer new markets in this context.

  • Understanding your ecosystem
  • Mapping of actors and their motivations
  • Creation of a model of the Platform
  • Channels and value exchange
  • Practical design tools based on Canvases