We work the emergence


We design and facilitate organizational models to be more connected to their ecosystem, making organizations more efficient and innovative, growing from the collaboration and wholeness of their people. Our consultancy designed according to the needs of the organizations we accompany. We work the emergence of these liquid times and we do not apply preconceived transformation methods.  


Deluz & Co -
Teal organization

Ouishare and Deluz & Co, a Spanish group of sustainable restaurants, are working together in their transformation, and we do so from a shared space of wholeness and purpose, building on collaboration, co-creation and the combination of the collective intelligence of both organisations.


3DReid - Innovation


Greenpeace - Co-budgeting & Selfmanagement

We co-design with our clients


We help teams face any challenge autonomously, efectively and through innovation, by training them in collaborative skills and tools.

Spaces to empowerment of talent
We design spaces that are emotionally safe to let participation, motivation and commitment prosper. These are spaces for connection and collaboration so that people can shine and the organization can reach their better version and performance.

Self-managed teams
We design models and work processes so that teams can be interdependent, creative and agile. These teams are better suited to find the answers to their complex and ever-changing environments.

Continuous learning
We design spaces for continuous learning. We foster the sharing of data, information and expertise so that a culture of collaboration can prosper and equip the organization of valuable knowledge.