meet the team

These are some of the OuiShare members that work on business transformation and consultancy, each of whom have developed their own areas of expertise.


Connector, Barcelona

I work with organisations helping them innovate and develop new ways or working. I have special interest in innovative governance models, distributed leadership and collaborative decision making.

Sarah Eisenmann

Connector, Munich

I facilitate collaboration and people-centric approaches in organisation design and development. I love playful methods, knowledge remix and authenticity.


Connector, London

My passion is in using knowledge sharing to help communities connect, share and thrive. I help organisations strengthen their value creation structures. My dream is seeing new ways of association and collaboration becoming widespread and shaping a new world!


Connector, Rome

I am strategist in love with open culture and the p2p revolution. I help organisations envision their future by co-designing strategies, products and services. I developed the Platform Design Toolkit to help designers create P2P market-networks and Open Innovation Ecosystems.


Member, Zaragoza

Change facilitator, participatory processes and networked systems. I help organisations with opening new spaces for collaboration and facilitating employees reach their potential. I work in the private and public sectors supporting innovation and co-creation.


Connector, Paris

My curiosity for the collaborative dynamic around OuiShare drew me into the community, where I have been developing the community and leading the team of OuiShare Fest. I am currently working on collaborative finance platforms and I am part of the Greater Than team.


Alex Bigot-Verdier

Connector, Montreal

I am an explorer, mainly interested in the future of work, deeply convinced that I am experimenting it through OuiShare. What I like the most is sharing my learnings, through the facilitation of educational spaces for people and corporate partners.


These are some of the thought leaders and publications that influence us

Reinventing organisations - Frederic Laloux
The three structures of an organisation - Niels Pflaeging
The connected company - Dave Gray
Hedging the future of work - Esko Kilpi
Pentragrowth, the five levers of exponential growth - Javier Creus