boost collaboration and motivate innovation


Our masterclasses cover key aspects on business transformation and methodologies to boost collaboration and to motivate innovation. Each masterclass covers one specific topic or methodology and can be delivered on its own, without any prior knowledge. They typically last four hours and are conducted with groups no larger than twenty people. The masterclasses contain concepts & theory, case studies, exercises and methodologies to implement at your organization.

Community Building. How to start and nurture a healthy network.
Platform Design. Design your business for exponential growth.
Knowledge Sharing. Take collaboration to whole new level by tapping into your collective intelligence.
Distributed Leadership. Build the conditions in which leaders emerge.
Permanent Beta. Be agile and stimulate experimentation.
Collaborative Decision Making. Empower your team and boost collaboration.
Collaborative Finance. Allocate resources transparently and collaboratively.
Comms in emergent organization. The communication flow is key to become more agile and adaptive.